Undertaking a task as big as 4Generations2Come requires that we do so mindful of God's guidance in how we ought to approach life.  As such, we have built the program around Paul's admonition to the church.  In his instruction, he gives three principles to operate under: 

  • Steadfastly in Prayer – We have taken every step mindful of our complete dependence on God. This cannot change as we move into the next phases for consideration. 
  • Being Watchful – The word suggests a commitment to avoiding sin and selfishness. We want our approach and methods to always be done with integrity and a mind to outreach. 
  • With Thanksgiving – To truly develop a heart of giving, we must begin with a heart of thanksgiving. We should all be thankful for what God has done at WHBC in the past and what He has given each of us individually that we can pass onto others!