Starting October 14th

Light in a Dark World - RUTH

Character that makes a Difference

The book of Ruth begins with the statement, "In the days when the Judges ruled..." According to the book of Judges this was a time when "everyone did what was right in their own eyes." It was a dark time, a frightening time, a time lacking character and Holiness. So when we read that Ruth is set in that time and come to see character after character acting only with integrity, we see that God raises up people in such dark times to reveal His light. 

Today we live in a dark world, this series is meant to demonstrate how we might have character that shines light into that darkness.

October 14

Loyalty (1:1-14) 

October 21

Faith (1:15-22)

October 28

Compassion (2:1-22)

November 4

Integrity (3:1-18)

November 11

Sacrificial Love (4:1-12)

November 18

Obedience (4:13-17)