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STILL: Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

The world around us can be a frightening reality. Peace of mind and a sense of calmness is something most people long for. 

But how do we develop a heart that allows us to obey this command? 

Some would have us look to eastern practices of meditation or yoga. Others would tell us to develop a rationalistic, "face your fears" western mindset.  

But what does Scripture tell us? 

This series looks at 5 passages that illustrate or state proper methods for developing a heart that no longer strives but that is at peace with the world around it.

Aug 27

What kind of man is this? – The God who leads us to peace! (Mark 4:35-41 )


Sept 3

Fearless! (Psalm 46 )

Sept 10

Praying and Prioritizing (Mark 1:29-39 )

Sept 17

Dismissing Distraction (Luke 10:38-42 )

Sept 24

The Power of Surrender (Exodus 14:10-22 )