Starting June 3rd

FLAWED: What God can do with flawed people

King David was a flawed individual!  From being overlooked when Samuel came to anoint the next king to his fateful decision to take a Census, he made many significant mistakes. Yet, he is described as a man after God's own heart and was mightily used by God in many ways. 

This series will look at the flaws we struggle with and how God can still use us for His glory!

June 3

When you don’t measure up  (1 Samuel 16)


June 10

They deserved it – overcoming the need for vengeance  

(1 Samuel 25)


June 17

How sin takes hold - When desire conceives  (2 Samuel 11:1-5)


June 24

Own or be owned – dealing with sin before it grows

(2 Samuel 11:6-27)


July 1

Broken Families - Favorites, Forgiveness, and Fighting  

(2 Samuel 13)


July 8

Mending relationships – life after apologies

(2 Samuel 14:24)


July 15

When we know better than God (2 Samuel 24)

 July 22

Life beyond consequences (1 Chronicles 22)